Commercial Lending

Planning your business is already as daunting as it is, and worrying about your finances to purchase a commercial property or equipment will just make the situation worse. Let us help you find the right lender for your business startup or expansion, while you sit back and focus on making your business thrive.

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Expectedly, financing a commercial property requires much more effort as compared to funding a residential property. This is where a trusted broker’s service can be of best use.
Need a trust company that could provide you with a larger funding for your prospect commercial property? Intelligent Financial Solutions can help you find one.
You can materialize your startup business faster with a small business financing and the help of an experienced broker.
Successfully developing or renovating a commercial property is a great achievement. But first, you have to acquire enough funding to do the necessary upgrades.
Loan grants for small businesses with not much collateral can be difficult. So looking for an alternative funding source from private lenders or investors can be your solution.
Intelligent Financial Solutions can assist you in buying a commercial property using your SMSF to grow your finances, as well as in refinancing your SMSF.
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